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Agricultural and Soil Science Laboratory LIMS

Why is Omega the Right LIMS for You?

Omega is an extremely powerful LIMS offering easy configurability at a very affordable price.  Khemia’s Omega LIMS has built in reporting to meet any needs whether an EDD or hard copy report.  Omega provides complete traceability throughout the LIMS to meet EPA, FDA, USDA and ISO 17025 compliance.  Omega offers a full suite of QA/QC options to ensure data quality.  Omega offers a web-portal through its FlashPoint feature for clients to view reports and track progress real-time.

Omega also offers one of the fastest implementation times of any LIMS on the market!

Soil Testing Laboratories:

The raw materials for agriculture begin with the water and soil.  Appropriate quality standards need to be met appropriate to the crop(s) being produced.  In this case, quality is the basic composition of the soils along with any potential contaminants.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has forwarded the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Program to assist farms in reducing contamination risk.

Why tests the soils?  There are five basic reasons to begin with:

  • Nutrient levels
  • Soil acidity
  • Environmental Protection
  • Economics
  • Health: herbicides, pesticides, lead and other toxic heavy metals

Compliance with Standards is a critical requirement of any laboratory operating within the agricultural or soil science realm.  These standards may include various regulations put forth by the GLP, FDA, USDA, ISO 17025, EPA and/or NAHLN.

References of interest:

Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Survey Office Laboratory Safety Guide

Guidelines for Quality Management in Soil and Plant Laboratories (FAO Soils Bulletin – 74)

International Seed Testing Association - ISTA

Recommended Soil Testing Procedures for the Northeastern US (University of Delaware)

Agricultural Laboratories:

Agricultural laboratories analyze samples for a large group of varying businesses and disciplines under the agricultural industry.  The agricultural industry itself encompasses activities associated with the raising of food crops including fruits, vegetables, livestock and farmed seafoods.  The societal importance of agriculture is tremendous, both for health and potential strain it places on the environment.  Agricultural laboratories measure all aspects of the industry from basic soil chemistries to final crop testing to environmental studies measuring the impact of agricultural activities.  These laboratories are paramount to maintaining healthy, profitable agricultural enterprises as well as to ensure proper agricultural management is in place to best take the population and environments that it impacts.

The Omega LIMS by Khemia may be utilized for the following disciplines within the agricultural laboratory industry:

  • Water Quality
  • Soil, Chemical and Physical Analyses
  • Plant Chemical Analyses
  • Environmental Monitoring