Water & Wastewater Testing

Laboratories that analyze drinking water and wastewater form a critical component of our public health infrastructure, guided by criteria in legislation including the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Program (NPDEP). These facilities are required to handle high volumes of sewage and drinking water to analyze for wet chemistry and microbiology before discharge into community water systems. This requires the facilities to maintain continuous sampling programs, thorough recordkeeping and identification of non-conforming samples.

Omega LIMS serves as the backbone for water testing laboratories that must use analytical data to make critical decisions regarding quality and treatment. Our LIMS has capabilities to manage frequent sample scheduling as well as statistical monitoring of analytical data, resulting in regulatory compliance and proactive discharge analysis.

Omega LIMS features include:

Historical Data Mining

  • Paperless data records in a SQL database
  • Analyze trends in water quality
  • Statistical review in graphical representation

Analytical Quality Control

  • Automated flagging of QC samples exceeding specification
  • Easy-to-review batch information
  • User credentials to secure QC authority

Document Management

  • QAPP and SOPs
  • Regulatory permits
  • Employee training & certification records
  • Sample storage condition history
  • Instrument maintenance & calibration records

Automated Workflows

  • Assign workflow requirements per sample
  • Workload assignments organized by personnel, department, holding time, due date & more