Custom Programming

Customized Solutions

No LIMS can fit every laboratory’s unique requirements, regardless of how well it is built.  One-off situations and settings are a way of life in many laboratories, which require customizations to be made to the LIMS in order to make the LIMS truly fit the laboratory workflow. Khemia Software’s engineers can provide custom programming in any Microsoft Windows environment.  Our dedicated team of software engineers is happy to assist any client to find the proper, most intelligent software solution for successful business results.

There are two basic approaches to LIMS customizations: SQL backend customizations and a true front-end customization.  In many cases, a SQL backend approach is taken to create customized external database(s) allowing for added functionality and custom programming while not interfering with standard system configuration settings.  This allows for easy, standard updates and requires no checking of update paths.  This approach tends to be faster and easier, requiring fewer programming hours.  In other cases, a true front-end customization is the only proper route.  This customization route provides an upfront change in functionality to the LIMS, tailoring it to a client’s specific needs. 

Our engineers have successfully and routinely performed both types of customizations and will be more than happy to discuss your laboratory’s customization needs! Please contact us to begin your custom programming project.