LIMS Implementation Process

When most laboratory professionals think of purchasing a new LIMS, their first thought is the rigorous and time-consuming implementation process. At Khemia Software, we make implementing the Omega LIMS as straightforward as possible by taking the lead on tasks that we can do remotely and integrating our LIMS training with the configuration process. The result for clients is significant timesavings throughout the learning curve, a more thorough understanding of product functionality and faster implementation in the laboratory. The implementation process can be broken down into three phases:

  • Installation & Data Migration
  • Training & Configuration
  • Custom Programming (optional)

Installation & Data Migration
Duration: < 1 week

The first step in the implementation process is installing Omega LIMS on client workstations. This can be done remotely by our technology specialists within one business day. Following installation, our team assists with migrating static data, including client and vendor information, from the legacy LIMS into Omega  using data files provided by clients. We implement processes to extract data from these files and transfer it into the corresponding fields of Omega LIMS. We highly recommend that clients maintain a backup of their legacy LIMS for recordkeeping purposes because a complete data migration is frequently impractical, given the differences in software architecture between any two systems. The migration process is also done remotely by accessing the client’s server and can be completed within 5 business days.

Training & Configuration
Duration: 2-6 months

Following installation and data migration, the next step in the implementation process is LIMS training and configuration. At Khemia Software, we are able to significantly reduce the cost and timeframe of this phase by using a train-the-trainer approach. This methodology focuses on highly targeted training sessions done remotely with the laboratory LIMS administrator who can then configure the system and train lab personnel. This contrasts with other LIMS vendors that attempt to train an entire laboratory staff in LIMS use within a few days. Clients find that our approach of using frequent training sessions, spaced at regular intervals, results in a more comprehensive understanding of LIMS functionality. Emphasizing the use of remote meetings also reduces the number of on-site visits required by our implementation specialists, which further reducing expenses for the laboratory. Once staff are trained and the LIMS is configured, the system is ready for deployment unless custom programming services are required.

Learn more about our unique approach to LIMS training and configuration.

Custom Programming (optional)
Duration: varies by request

Our philosophy is to create software systems that are flexible and can be configured to the unique needs of different laboratory practices. However, we offer custom programming services at an hourly charge for laboratories with unique requirements in LIMS functionality and reporting. Please see our custom programming page for more information.


Implementing a LIMS is a significant step for any laboratory and requires that personnel learn to utilize a new information system. This process can take several months to complete. However, a well-built LIMS will make implementation worth the time investment by making the laboratory more productive, cost-effective and quailty-oriented. At Khemia Software, we strive to make the LIMS implementation process as straightforward as possible by guiding clients through each step of configuration. When clients are ready to go live, they find that Omega LIMS becomes the backbone of their laboratory operations.