Change & the Collaboration of LIMS and Cannabis Laboratories

Change is inevitable; sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is painful, and sometimes it isn’t easy. All things change, from people to marketplaces to businesses and so on.   Like all things, LIMS companies and their LIMS need to change and evolve as well…or, they risk quietly slipping out of business like many have done in the past.  Just because you once had the best mousetrap does not mean you still will five years later or even that it will translate to a changing or different marketplace just a few months later.

Take for instance the rise of cannabis laboratories across the US.  It provides a new, exciting market not only for the laboratories, but to those companies that provide the laboratories supplies, products and LIMS.  However, as anyone well versed in LIMS can tell you, a LIMS that is a perfect match for an environmental laboratory is not perfect for a cannabis laboratory.  Change is needed.

Anyone familiar with LIMS knows that no LIMS can be built in a bubble.  It takes a team approach involving chemists, business people and programmers to properly design the best LIMS for an application.  Cannabis laboratories are no different.  To be honest, the cannabis marketplace is somewhat more difficult than most in that methods selection protocol, reporting requirements, etc. are different within almost every state.

At Khemia, we are pleased to say we are actively working with cannabis laboratories in a variety of states to ensure we make the needed changes cannabis laboratories require.  We could not effectively do this without the laboratories we work with.  Their guidance is critical.  Change, particularly in terms of software, can be painful but the reward of increased efficiency and adaptability is worth it!   

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NEMC – Laboratory Informatics Session

I wanted to thank all of my speakers, Matt Sica from ANSI, Bin Yu from LDM/BTLIMS, Russell Schindler from SampleServe and Michelle Kerr from the US EPA for participating in the Laboratory Informatics Session at NEMC this year! We had great attendance in our session and some terrific talks.

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TNI’s Chemistry Expert Committee Approves Revised Guidance Document on LOD/LOQ

The TNI Chemistry Expert Committee has approved revision 1 to the guidance document TNI V1M4 2016 Standard Update Guidance on Detection and Quantitation. This revision clarifies which language comes from the TNI standard, or language from the EPA procedure, or the opinion of the committee.

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