Part 1 – Automated Level IV Data Packages for Environmental Data Reporting

Nobody likes to pay for certain types of insurance until they need it – especially home, auto, life etc. 

But in the environmental sector, there is a type of insurance that is often utilized and is valuable even if the results aren’t being legally or scientifically challenged. 

Level IV data packages provide the most complete picture of data, quality control, calibration and total traceability, helping environmental labs to remain current while serving high-end clients with legally defensible and scientifically valid data. These Level IV reporting capabilities allow automated data to be generated easily from a fully implemented modern environmental LIMS. 

A Level IV package contains all raw data, such as instrument chromatograms and other instrument printouts, along with the data results. This type of reporting includes specific data that is required to fully reconstruct the laboratory results, with much of the information available through PDF reports. All information can be dated, time stamped and available for independent, third-party data validation.  

A Level IV Data Package includes everything needed to trace the production of analytical results including field sampling and shipping chronology. All notes, printouts, sample results, dated materials, analysis and validation, communications and more are tracked and generated from the data elements stored in the LIMS.  Every element needed to defend the validity of data is there, if it happens to be challenged years later.

We’ll talk more about the Impact of Level IV in our next blog post

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