Environmental Testing

Environmental testing laboratories are facing an increasingly challenging marketplace, characterized by low prices and slim margins. Having a comprehensive laboratory information management system (LIMS) to improve productivity has become critical for commercial environmental labs to remain competitive in this difficult business landscape.

Laboratories in this industry are required to follow the strict guidelines according to their accreditations, including the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), Department of Defense ELAP and many state-specific programs. This creates a strong need for a LIMS with thorough records management and audit-proof traceability.

The Omega LIMS was built to handle these business and regulatory challenges that regularly face commercial environmental testing laboratories. Its features include:

Document Management:

  • QAPP and SOPs
  • Regulatory permits
  • Employee training & certification records
  • Sample storage condition history
  • Instrument maintenance & calibration records

Sample Quality Control:

  • Automatic flagging of QC samples exceeding specifications
  • Statistical process control for graphical analysis of bias
  • Assigned user credentials for quality review processes
  • Full audit trail

Bottle Orders:

  • Print container labels with unique ID
  • Integrated barcode functionality
  • Manage client needs on project basis


  • Create an automated sampling schedule
  • Regular instrument calibration & maintenance

General Management Dashboards:

  • Review inbound samples & completed analyses
  • KPI overview: percent on-time, average TAT, backlog dollar value, etc
  • Measure productivity: filter by department, analysis, personnel and more

Automated Workflows:

  • Assign workflow requirements per sample
  • Workload assignments organized by personnel, department, holding time, due date & more
  • Real-time sample status updates


  • One-click report generation
  • CLP form integration
  • Customize the stock report templates
  • Automatic client notification of results


  • Create quotes & invoices
  • Integrate with third-party accounting software

Omega LIMS allows commercial environmental labs to maximize their KPIs by leveraging their greatest resources: instruments and personnel. Our LIMS will automate processes to help laboratories meet four core objectives: produce scientifically defensible data, improve average turnaround times, increase laboratory workload capacity and reduce costs. Omega LIMS is the robust competitive advantage for the modern environmental laboratory.