What makes Omega 11 ideal for audit preparation?

Our programmers regularly update Omega software to address the requirements of audit agencies or organizations. Many of these updates are part of our regular new releases. In fact Omega gives clients more free new releases than any LIMS provider in the industry today.

  • Comprehensive audit trail and chain of custody
  • Adheres to standard compliance for Environmental and Industrial labs.
  • Document management system
  • Daily lab performance and revenue data
  • Accounting system interface
  • Automated notifications
  • Detailed, graphical reporting capabilities
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The proof for your lab audit is in Omega 11

As your laboratory is in the process of preparing for an audit, there are likely several facts that you want to ensure are readily available.

First, you want to make sure that your findings are scientifically valid.

Second your results must be legally defensible.

And in all instances you want to reduce the timeline needed to complete your findings.

In general, your laboratory needs to generate quantitative results accurately and quickly, meeting any client or regulatory deadlines. You want to maximize your lab’s uptime, reduce cost per sample, and move projects from concept to completion efficiently.

If you can accomplish all of this, chances are your audits will run as smoothly as your lab does on a daily basis. Omega will process results in an easy-to-read manner. Key metrics are called out automatically. All you need to do is input the data and Omega does the rest.

We have the proof that your clients, your auditors and any vendors or regulators are looking for. Your next audit doesn’t need to add stress to your organization. The proof indeed is in Omega.

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Be sure your lab audit is ready for prime time!

Documenting your laboratory’s activities can be a complex process. To earn certifications from such agencies as the U.S. Department of Defense or to secure ISO 9001 compliance, your activities must be clearly and carefully documented so that no details are missed.

The Omega LIMS solution is made for your laboratory because it is easy for your scientists and operational staff to manage, and automatically provides all the information necessary for auditors. Our software can organize and catalog samples while documenting the workflow of the laboratory from input to creating a final report.

Your team of professionals can easily manage sample data and make it readily available to colleagues with a clear timeline of what was processed and when. It will meet all the requirements of even the most stringent audit processes and allow you to seamlessly generate reports that can be used for any clients.

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