Instrument Maintenance

Instrument Maintenance and Repairs 



The proper recording of instrument maintenance and repairs within LIMS can go a long ways towards ensuring productivity and instrument life.  Within Omega LIMS, instrument maintenance and repairs may be logged and tracked for each instrument.



As seen above, each instrument is recorded within the LIMS with all pertinent information including manufacturer, model, serial number, additional info, service agreement information including contract number, contract expiration date and contact, whether or not the instrument is active, etc. 


From this main screen, the working Maintenance Log along with a printable copy (upper right) is available along with the IDL Limits, Linked Files and Corrective Action.  When the Maintenance Log (second tab as shown) is selected, the following screen appears:



All notes such as analyst, date and action are recorded along with if a service call was required.  A printable version of this may be seen below:



Equally important is the final tab for Linked Files.  With this tab, all information in-house associated with a particular instrument may be linked.  Today most instrument manufacturers offer PDFs of the manual, which may be linked and forever available to the analysts (no more disappearing manuals that were taken  home for light reading before bed – sadly, a true story by a former employee).  Invoices associated with repairs, technician notes, etc. may be linked here for a permanent record by attaching external files.



Additionally, weekly, quarterly or biannual maintenance may be scheduled to remind the analyst of what needs to be done.