EPA Approves 100 Methods for Drinking Water

EPA has approved 100 analytical methods for determining contaminant concentrations in drinking water samples. This rule is effective October 12, 2018. Regulated entities required to monitor drinking water may use either the testing methods already established in the existing drinking water regulations or these alternative methods. The new methods include a revision to EPA method 900.0 for gross alpha and beta, 89 updated methods in Standard Methods, 5 ASTM methods, and 2 Hach methods. A reformatted and edited version of this rule (and the Method 900.0, revision 1.0) is available from Catalyst on request. (10/12/2018, 83 FR 51636)

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DOD/DOE Releases Draft Version of Version 5.2 of their Quality Systems Manual

The Department of Defense Environmental Data Quality Workgroup (EDQW) and the Department of Energy Data Quality Workgroup (DQW) released a draft QSM Version 5.2 for review and comment.  In addition to the gray boxes containing ISO 17025:2017 requirements that are different or more stringent than ISO 17025:2005 there are other changes in the document which are highlighted in yellow. Please submit all comments no later than Wednesday October 31, 2018 to Mr. Mathew Lloyd at To see a copy of this document, contact Catalyst.

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