New DoD Fact Sheets on Vapor Intrusion

A series of fact sheets has been prepared by the Department of Defense (DoD) Tri-Service Environmental Risk Assessment Workgroup (TSERAWG) to update and supplement the DoD Vapor Intrusion Handbook. These six fact sheets cover sampling and assessment techniques that allow for an improved understanding of vapor intrusion given temporal variability and the potential for the presence of background sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Askew Scientific Consulting LLC – Legacy LIMS Data Transfer

Legacy LIMS data transfer is something most laboratories consider when switching to a new LIMS. Upon occasion, the LIMS vendor can handle all or a portion of it. On other occasions, especially with very dated legacy LIMS, it is often better to work with a third party to handle the massaging of old data into a usable form on the new LIMS. At Khemia Softare, we are happy to work with Ed Askew at Askew Scientific Consulting LLC. A description of this legacy data transfer may be seen on the LIMS Services page.

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