Florida DEP Publishes Revised MDLs and PQLs

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has published a revised list of method detection limit (MDL) and practical quantitation limit (PQL) targets for selected analytes and methods. The list has been updated to conform with the current 136.3 approved method lists, and the list of analytes in rule 62-302.530,  (Surface Water Quality Criteria). New information for the listings also includes: 1) groupings of analytes by categories; and, 2) designation of those analytical techniques that may not be amenable to determining MDLs using the EPA procedure published at Part 136, Appendix B.


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Job Opportunities at Ocean Systems Laboratory

Senior Laboratory Analyst (St. Thomas) Laboratory Technician (St. Thomas) Part Time Beach Sampler (St. Croix) We are seeking new team members who are passionate about water quality and care about the health of our community. Our lab analyzes public drinking water system samples, beach samples, wastewater samples and stormwater samples to determine compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act. We work with government agencies and private businesses and residents responsible for managing water supplies. For a complete job description and details on how to apply, please send me a message on linked in or to leigh@oceansystemslab.com

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Introducing FlashPoint…

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Introducing FlashPoint….
Khemia’s LIMS System Integration  

Khemia’s Software web portal for the Omega LIMS offers a laboratory’s clients immediate access to results, documents, credentials and reports, historical data and invoices.  Data may be swept from the LIMS into FlashPoint automatically, thereby allowing for real-time, 24/7 access to data and improved client satisfaction. 

FlashPoint integrates seamlessly into any corporate website or existing client portal.  To allow a client access to FlashPoint, the laboratory will simply provide a client with the proper login and password credentials.  FlashPoint also provides email alerts for notifications on sample receipt and completion of analyses may be set. 

FlashPoint also allows clients to send request to project managers for sampling supplies and technical support. 

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The South Carolina Office of Environmental Laboratory Certification Publishes Updates

Included in this update:

  • New Acting Program Manager over the Environmental Laboratory Certification Program
  • SW-846 Update VI, Phase II Implementation
  • Reporting of residual chlorine results
  • Commonly asked holding time and incubation questions
  • Notes concerning proficiency tests (PTs) and demonstrations of capability
  • Dissolved oxygen (DO) membrane method versus luminescence DO (LDO) method
  • A sample preparation reminder for microbiological methods


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