Report Designs do Matter with LIMS

Most of us are not accomplished graphic designers – or photographers for that matter. But our clients still expect that we will produce easy-to-follow reports that can help them to communicate with other stakeholders how your laboratory is performing.

One of the best ways to ensure that your reports have the information and look you want is to utilize the features inherent with report templates within a LIMS. You should have the choice to customize the look and feel that meet your needs and answer any questions your customers have.

With Omega 11 we have created pre-labeled report templates to meet such needs. For example you can easily configure a report to conform with a quality assurance project plan (QAPP) that is specialized by your client. And you can customize a look and content that adheres to your style.

There are no extra fees for these features, nor should there be. It’s not an option in today’s environment – it’s a requirements. Various certifications and accreditations, such as those from NELAP, ISO 17025, DoD, ELAP and more, have specific requirements on how reporting should look and what information should be included. Best of all making content changes to a report will not affect the overall design.

You may not be a graphic designer. But you can claim to be one provided you have dynamic reporting designs available to you. You can adhere to your branding needs while eliminating mistakes since none of your changes will affect the details provided in the report.